How To Use Leaders Guides

Each chapter starts with a large group lesson.  This is something that can be taught by one teacher or even a variety of leaders.  The lessons are designed to appeal to all age groups.  There are stories and illustrations provided, but feel free to add your own thoughts, insights and stories!

If you don’t have enough space or leaders to divide your boys and girls, the Polka Dot Girls and Bazooka Boys large group lessons can be taught together.  The main points of the large group lesson are the same – and can be adapted to teach both genders.  Then consider breaking up the boys and girls into gender specific groups for small group and activity time or simply provide Polka Dot Girls activities for the girls and the Bazooka Boys activities for the boys.

Following large group time, there are small group discussion questions for the girls and a section called Bazooka Blitz, which includes fun activities and games to reinforce the lesson for the boys.  Girls love to chat and boys love competition! 

Then it’s craft or project time! We have included lots of fun ideas for you to do as a group.  Make sure you do adequate preparation depending on the age and skill level of your group.

Close out your group with prayer and a team huddle for the boys!

Finally, we have included some pages to be photocopied and sent home.  They include a weekly challenge for the girls, doodle pages for the boys, age appropriate activity sheets, and a parent partner.  These are intended to give the kids some fun tools to work on throughout the week and to keep parents up to date on what they are learning.

Most important!  Make it work for you!  Every group is unique and different!

Remember that your gift of time and interest in these kids’ lives will impact them for greater than any lesson or illustration.  Be patient.  Be loving.   Be fun.  Be there!